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You will of course find many different products out there claiming to help you shed those unwanted pounds instantly.  These may range from radical new diet changes, diet foods and pills,  to multiple versions of exercise equipment products.


I am going to recommend a very simple yet common sense approach that works !   It seems that many of us are fitting in little exercise these days merely due to our lives becoming less and less labor intensive.  The easiest exercise to lose weight … read on 🙂


Lets get back to basics !parking-lot-space


We live in a time where most of us circle a parking lot several times over on a mission to find the nearest possible spot.  I am admittedly guilty of this myself and sometimes,  I might even get lucky and save five or seven steps  🙂





REMEMBER ..   Successfully losing weight is a one-two punch.  So, exercise being the latter,  we will NOT necessarily need to enter a marathon,  join a local gym or spend thousands of dollars purchasing one !



I am going to strongly recommend only about 30 minutes of high paced walking each and every day.  And due to our metabolism being the least efficient late in the day,  I suggest doing so either before or after your last meal.


But its not convenient to walk at night ..



Well there is a practical solution to that ..  I advise you to consider investing in a treadmill.   The idea is to have an alternate method of achieving the required workout time regardless of draw backs,  such as daylight or weather related issues.


These machines have come down in cost dramatically over the years,  and many times offered with free in home delivery.  With so many versions to choose, ranging from low cost folding models to high end marathon trainers,  you won’t go wrong.


So,  you are serious about losing weight,  a treadmill by all means will be a wise investment.  I am creating a page within this website dedicated to the most recent units available including best price and important features you will need.


If you already own a treadmill,   that is great and you are half way there  😉   Now it is just a matter of fitting in the best possible time of your day to use it.  Again I recommend doing so just before you retire,  near the close of your day.


But where would I put it ?




Well,  out of site out of mind ..   So you want to move your treadmill to a bright, airy and cooler room if possible.  You will be using this daily, so you probably would not look forward to walking in a dark remote location.


If you are concerned about space,  folding treadmills,  otherwise known as a Space saver feature,  are the most popular for in home use today.  These units take up a fraction of the space and can be moved through doorways easily.


Once you have your treadmill in place,  it is definitely not necessary to run full speed the entire time.  In fact most experts agree that a higher paced walk can achieve the same weight loss results while preventing any future injuries to the knees.



You do not want your treadmill use to feel like work,  consider a Tv or computer screen in the room to keep you entertained.  Some models have this built in and offer a variety of path inclines to simulate both visually and physically the feel of a live route.


Okay,  so will I need anything else ?


No !   that will be all you need to lose weight, other than about thirty minutes a day of your time.  And of course to modify your diet and meal arrangements as discussed in the website diet page.


So you are ready to go !


Meet me now for the Best Weight Loss Machine.  I care about your success so feel free to keep me updated along the way with your progress !


Cheers !




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