The thin life Diet

Okay,  so you’ve already signed up,  have worked with us for the last thirty to sixty days and have lost considerable weight,  so now what do you do?  What is the thin life diet ?


Is there such a thing ?


Well now that you’ve broken old eating and exercise habits,  staying on track to remain thin will come much easier.  To accomplish your current weight target obviously took some real will power, Congratulations!


You will probably notice far fewer cravings for some of the former late day and night “fat” foods !  There is nothing wrong with easing up a bit especially if you offset any splurge foods with additional walking at night.


As you’ve learned, a heavy breakfast,  moderate lunch and light dinner are the keys to thin life living and diet management.  These may be very simple foods,  and just a matter of when you choose to eat them of course.


Having an occasional portion of mashed potatoes or spaghetti from time to certainly wont tip your weight off scale.  However if you fall back into this nightly then you are sure to gain the weight back in very short amount of time.


Don’t look back ..


You have come all this way, there is no real sense in going backwards, only to fall into the old eating habits.  At least at the other end of the spectrum,  we’ve got thin to look forward to.  On the flip side ..  who wants to look forward to weight?


So, choosing that plate of pasta,  bowl of macaroni or foot long sub should rarely fall after midday or lunch time.  Going with deli turkey or chicken rather then a fast food burger can also help a lot in terms of how you feel a short time after.


As in the website ,  and you have already discovered,  breakfast can vary but cereals and toast are the far better choice over the daily hot breakfast.  The local fast food fried option again wont hurt as long as is moderation and not daily.


It is really not so tough to maintain the thin life diet,  fitting in your walking exercise will always allow you to curb somewhat.  Continuing to follow a light dinner,  meaning a meat or fish and vegetables diet (excluding potatoes)  will reinforce your efforts.


But I like sweets ..


The sweet choices are fine as long as in very small or controlled portions.   Sure the bigger piece of pie or cake may look better,  but do you really need it at night ?   Its best to save it for lunch or to cut off a very thin slice following dinner.


In summary ..


Any of the heavier carbohydrate type foods and sweets should be avoided at all costs from midday on.  This includes pastas,  pizza, potatoes, all macaroni products, and very limited bread, cake, ice cream and pie.


Splurge on breakfast,  avoiding heavy fried type foods on a daily basis,  and wrap up lunch with fruits,  turkey, chicken or move the pasta, macaroni etc to this time of day.  The occasional fast food burger will not hurt as long as only a rarity.


Your last meal of the day, or dinner may include fish,  meat and vegetables.   Refrain from bread or rolls, avoiding potato and macaroni salads.  It is also best to choose the hot dog, fish or burger without the bun if possible.


Do we have to follow this forever ?


Certainly not,  the food schedule described is recommended for use only as a guide and each individual may adjust to their needs. The first thirty to ninety days are critical,  the long term diet will need to coincide with your exercise habits at the time.


Sign up is free !


If you haven’t already signed up,  it is 100% free to join and we look forward to assisting you with your weight loss goals.  Thank you for reading and you can start the weight loss journey right here at Harness Your Destiny !


Cheers !




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