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I am not sure of your current situation,  weight,  physical condition or goals,  however getting really thin is most often not out of the question.  If you are determined to shed the weight and willing to make some changes,  it will make the challenge so much easier.


This website provides you with a road map and encouragement to meet your weight loss goals.  Its 100% free to join,  and covers everything from an easy diet to the right exercise machine to get you there.


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Whether your intent is to crash the extra weight fast for an upcoming event, or if you want to rid the extra pounds for good,  everything you need is here.  The rest is entirely up to you,  dedication and perseverance can quickly take you a long way.


Most of the time,  we need to alter our eating choices and schedules.  Naturally,  as covered throughout the website,  our bodies are burning more calories in the morning,  which is usually the opposite of when many of us eat our heaviest meal.


Of course it is not always late day food alone that can be the diet culprit,  alcoholic beverages can be a very big factor behind weight gain.  This is a problem trying to move earlier in the day,  the only real option is to either slow it to a crawl or limiting to weekends only.


Exercise plays another important role,  as we are getting most of it early on in the day,  while the least activity at night.  Again, and more often than not,  the exact opposite of when our bodies need it most.


Modern conveniences such as riding lawnmowers, golf carts,  and of course the automobile have taken away most of our bodies needed physical activity.  A workplace confined to a desk chair each day can also impact our ability to fight the unwanted weight.


Lets think outside of the box ..


When many of us begin to shape up,  the norm is to start our day off with a walk,  run or workout.  So lets change this up a little,  avoid the morning workout and ease into our day.  Let our body do its job managing our food intake when it is most efficient.


We then move our exercise to the evenings,  when our bodies need our help the most.  This may be an inconvenience for some, however you’ve got to be willing to compromise to see sufficient results in your chosen time span.


In addition to rethinking our workout approach,  a compromise in diet is also necessary.  Simply help our bodies late day food management,  by choosing much lighter foods in the afternoon and evening.  Lets instead push the heavier foods to the start of our day.


The attack plan may seem unpractical,  a major inconvenience, especially if you are limiting alcohol.  Maybe you simply prefer a large meal,  followed by coffee and to wrap up your day watching television.  There are few areas where you will need to be open for change.


The bottom line ..


We cannot expect to change our current weight situation,  unless we are willing to change ourselves.  This simply cannot happen on its own,  and there is no one who is going to do it for you.


Harness Your Destiny weight loss coaching is about waging war on weight through a very simple diet and exercise routine.   We are putting two hammers on the same nail,  and bound to achieve the results in nearly half the time.


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