Simple Tips to Weight Loss

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Thank you for joining me here in your quest to shed the unwanted weight.  I am going to start off by saying there is no magic pill,  however it does not have to be difficult.  Here you will learn the very simple tips to weight loss.


To lose weight,  whether you are looking to lose a few extra pounds or a more significant amount,  will largely depend on your determination.  This is merely going to be a one-two punch of both diet and exercise.


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I am not going to suggest some radical new diet or extreme exercise program.  We will only be taking a few very simple steps and common sense approach to losing the weight you desire, and losing it quickly!





So ..  lets talk exercise



First of all,  it is very well known that our bodies have the greatest efficiency to burn calories early on at the start of our day.  That being said,  consider working in the necessary exercise much later near the close of your day.


You may choose to join a gym,  begin jogging or running if that is where you are most comfortable.   However, a high paced walk alone can have a dramatic impact if you follow through with at least 30 minutes a day.



I will recommend for convenience,  a treadmill so that you’ve got access to maintain your walking each and every day, from the comfort of your own home regardless of weather or time.  You can also increase your speed and incline as you progress.



You may eventually want to choose additional exercise equipment in order to build and maintain tone.  However the initial goal and purpose of this site,  is to help you lose the extra weight you desire and losing it now.


Okay ..  lets talk diet




This is very important as well,   the emphasis will be on both what you eat,  and when you eat.   You’ve got to follow through with the changes, or you simply will not reach the expected results you are looking for.


As mentioned earlier, this a very common sense approach to losing weight.  So,  being that are bodies are most efficient early on in the day,  I suggest to think and practice ..  a heavy breakfast,  moderate lunch and light dinner.jibarito-grilled-chicken-sandwich


This may seem like a drastic change to your current diet and schedule,  but if you take action and follow through with both the suggested diet and exercise tips,  you will see nearly immediate results !


Change ..



This is about change and most of us are really not that comfortable with the idea.  The next time you are parked in your car for example,  go ahead and cross both your arms over the steering wheel,  likely this will feel a little awkward but I am sure you’ll get the idea.


So can you adjust to change and reach your goal ?   You certainly can, if you maintain focus and direction,  never losing sight of your target.  You are bound to succeed !    You’ve just got to keep your eye on the prize !





Think of it as sailing across an uncharted ocean.  Sure you are destined to encounter the many crashing waves and storms,  everyone does.  But,  you will get there ..  you will reach your objective and realize the results you are aiming for. 


So lets get this ship in the water !


And see you on the next page for the Easiest Diet to Lose Weight


Cheers !




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